So thought Trump used to be on shutdown: ‘Blame the president’

7723b294ea0f2cd0eb0683a76601a209 - So thought Trump used to be on shutdown: ‘Blame the president’

That the American president Donald Trump in the senate enough support was given to a ‘shutdown’ to avoid the slide, he is now in the shoes of the Democratic opposition. But he himself was president, he laid the blame for a shutdown emphatically for the president himself, and he showed understanding for the opposition.

This is evident from an interview that he is in 2013 on the conservative channel Fox gave. It was then that president Barack Obama no support for increase of the expenditure ceiling of the Us government, at that time to shutdown led. The extra expenditure had to serve to the health of the president to finance.

That interview has now been re-raked by Morning Joe, a talk show on the more progressive MSNBC. Trump got in 2013, the question is who will a shutdown be fired. His answer was a sneer in the direction of the president. “If you ask who is dismissed must be, that it is always to the top,” said the businessman. ‘Problems start at the top, and from the top to be resolved. And the president is the leader. He must have everyone together, and lead’.

He pointed out that there was also at that people on a shutdown will not remember any senators that did, but only under whose reign it happened. “So I think that the pressure on the president.”

In 2013, congratulated Trump and also former Republican senators who states on a shutdown, according to a number of tweets from that period.

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