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Pocognoli is the headline Standard only in injury time beyond ten players of Eupen

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Standard features in the final stage, the full loot caught against Eupen. The pandas seemed however a draw out of the fire to drag on Slessin, but in the injury time headed the Liege captain Sébastien Pocognoli the 3-2 against the ropes. Eupen played soccer for more then 20 minutes with a man less, after Leye his second yellow card picked up. It is for Standard the first competitiezege since the end of november, the first thuiszege since 29 October.

The match began with a strong signal against racism. Accompanied by banners and a video to everyone in the stadium is asked to symbolically the right fist up to cross. Direct response to the events around Functions Agbo in the match against Kortrijk.

On to the football. In a 4-4-2 set-up with Renaud Emond surprisingly, in addition to Orlando Sa in the point had a Standard the best of the game, without that it is really dangerous. But it was in the thirteenth minute Eupen that the lead came. On a corner kick left Alexander Scholz, on the midfield for the suspended Functions Agbo, something to easily trump by Mbaye Leye. Guillermp Ochoa could the header of the experienced striker not parry, and the home team was to start chasing.

Sa attracts equal

Orlando Sa, however, led quickly for the equalizer. After a clever attack landed the ball through Emond for the feet of the Portuguese who, after a beautiful slalom the 1-1 past Hendrik Van Crombrugge moved.

The Rouches took the reins and were through Junior Edmilson and Paul-José Mpoku still close to the 2-1, but again the Oostkantonners that the lead came. Newcomer Mamadou Koné, who is incidentally a good impression left, was given too much space from Sébastien Pocognoli and curled with the left, or sit in the farthest corner. Just had Ocansey all a great chance to leave, he slammed close.

The catcalls from the stands that then arose would be of short duration. Sa showed himself to be a cross of giant Razvan Marin sharper than the Eupense defence and put simple inside. Halftime: 2-2.

Final pass is missing

In the second half pushed the Rouches the accelerator pedal further in. Eupen pulled back, but the Standard proved with the same problems as for the new year: always missing the last pass and the refinement in the zone of truth. Also the advent of Duje Cop the expensive zomeraankoop is back after two months of injuries, could not bring any change. Just as the red map of Leye. The 35-year-old Senegalese left with all the yellow bag, his foot hanging and became so Scholz. A stupid action that caused Three-to-ten man was traced.

Pocognoli redeemed

Sa Pinto brought in the hope that the decision to force Djenepo and Carlinhos for Edmilson and Scholz. Even pumps and after for the visitors. Despite the pressure and a fine they seemed to maintain. Until, in the 92nd Sébastien Pocognoli a corner Mpoku with a snoekduik the 3-2 handsome touch headed home. Huge discharge at Sclessin. The first thuiszege since 29 October was a fact. The Rouches are doing a good thing in the battle for Play-Off 1. It is provisional in addition to STVV on the sixth place. Eupen continues to last.

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