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In the United States is Friday night at midnight local time (Saturday, 6 pm (Belgian time) the so-called ‘government shutdown’ will be entered. The Democrats and Republicans are in the Senate, after all, not even touched on the temporary funding of the federal government in Washington.

Thursday, the House of Representatives with 230 votes against 197 a law that the temporary funding of the federal state provides up to 16 February. But in the Senate was not a majority of 60 votes found.

The Democrats negotiated an agreement, but wanted the Republicans more of a commitment. Also, a number of Republican senators voted against, the thing more difficult. The Democrats asked under other protective measures for the so-called ‘Dreamers’, who run the risk of deportation.

Trump placed the blame for the shutdown entirely on the Democrats. The president is celebrating this weekend that he is one year ago, the oath has been taken, but that is so a party in a minor key.


By the ” shutdown”, most government services were frozen. There is an exception for the services as ‘essential’ to be considered, such as Homeland Security or the FBI. In practice, 40 percent of federal employees on unpaid leave sent, which represents 1 million workers.

According to a study by analysts of S&P Global would be a shutdown of the US 6.5 billion dollars (5.3 billion euros, ed.) per week cost. ‘A freezing of the expenditure of the government means that there are no wages paid, private companies lose revenue, shops less to sell and that there is less tax revenue for Uncle Sam, it sounds in the report. ‘All this means less economic activity and fewer jobs.’

12 times

Since 1981 in the U.S. there was 12 times the existence of a ‘shutdown’. The longest was under president Bill Clinton in 1995 and 1996, which is 21 days. When demanded, the then president of the House, Newt Gingrich, to heavy savings in government programs. The most recent shutdown dates from 2013, when the Republicans without success Obamacare tried to plummet. In 2017 were due to temporary financieringswetten three ‘shutdowns’ avoided.

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