Macron keeps the British ‘special’ deal after Brexit for

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The United Kingdom may, after the Brexit a ‘special’ deal on this with the European Union. That the French president has Emmanuel Macron explained in an interview with the BBC.

At the same time warns Macron, however, that full access to the single market is only possible when all the rules are respected. It will be for the British not be possible to single out the aspects of the single market to pick them on.

According to Macron, the solution will be for a deal on a Uk size ‘somewhere between the full-market access and trade’.

“You can certainly be your own solution’, says Macron in the interview. “But that particular agreement must be consistent with the preservation of the single market and with our collective interests”, it sounds. “And you must understand that you are, by definition, does not have full access to the single market can get when you are not all options there are checked.’

Macron gave the interview to the British public broadcaster during his first presidential visit to the United Kingdom. The call is only Sunday broadcast, but the BBC has Saturday been a part of it disseminated on its news site.

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