Luxury hotel attacked in Kabul

68ebba6a6453e6931837adadc62db885 - Luxury hotel attacked in Kabul

In the Afghan capital Kabul is an attack underway in the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel. At least four gunmen penetrated the hotel and opened fire on the audience. A part of the guests and staff would be held hostage.

According to some sources, there would be deaths and casualties, but that is still not officially confirmed. Several guests and workers managed to escape, but there would still be people in the hotel are stuck.

Tomorrow would have been in the hotel for an IT conference start and there would be more than 100 engineers and IT-managers in the hotel have been present.

The Intercontinental Hotel is one of the two main luxury hotels in Kabul, and is heavily protected. In 2011, the hotel was already attacked by the Taliban.

Thursday warned the U.s. embassy in Kabul for possible attacks on hotels in the capital.

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