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F1 legend Stirling Moss withdrew because of illness back from public life

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Autosportlegende Sir Stirling Moss has decided that he as a result of a severe illness will retire from public life.

The 88-year-old Moss, who last year had 134 days in a hospital in Singapore with an infection in the respiratory tract which he suffered during a vacation.

On the official website of the zestienvoudige GP-winner announces his son Elliot to the retirement of his father from public life.

“To all the friends and fans that use this website to stay informed, wants my father to announce that he will close it.”

“As a result of the infection that he the end of 2016 rose and the slow, difficult recovery that followed, he has decided that the 88-year-old age the right time for this indefatigable man to retire. So can he and my mother Susie still enjoy their well-deserved rest and spend some more time with the family.”

“The whole Moss family would like to thank everyone for the support and love during all these years and we wish you a prosperous 2018.”

Moss has during his active career, a lot of races won in various racing classes, including, for example, the legendary ‘Mille Miglia’ in 1955.

Conspicuously absent from his cv is a world title in the Formula 1. He was four times second in the championship and is regarded as the best F1-driver who has never had a world title is won.

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