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Vanhaezebrouck: “What Club performs exceptionally, fortunately, exist the play-offs yet”

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Anderlecht starts Sunday the second part of the regular season with the tricky trip to Genk. Without large reinforcements should be purple and white win to reduce the gap with leader, Club Brugge, not bigger. Hein Vanhaezebrouck preaches, however, realism: “As a Club at this momentum continues, the margin will only increase. What Bruges performs exceptionally, fortunately, exist the play-offs.”

Anderlecht is not at full strength for the tough trip to Genk. Obradovic resumed running but is still not usable, just like Chipciu, who this week went out with a small inflammation to the knee. Goalkeeper Boeckx had on the vrijdagtraining also suffer and the situation will have to be followed. And then there are the long-term an as Najar, Kara and Onyekuru, while Spajic is suspended. “We take the entire group that is fit to Genk, so also with five young people,” said Hein Vanhaezebrouck at his press conference.

Racing Genk

21/01 18:00


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The Anderlecht-trainer is aware of the new Genk: “Every coach puts other accents, but the arrival of Clement was for Genk especially a new start. They are after the new year also started well with a profit at Ostend and they will do everything to make Play-Off 1 to pick up. No, it is not simple because Genk was also one of the few who Club Brugge could beat. And that they don’t have great striker more can be treacherous: we do not know what we should expect. We will be good.”

“Working on group”

For the winter break could Anderlecht, however, not impress, especially with a backlog seemed like the team with a mental problem. “On stage we worked on a lot of things, but in one week’s time, you can not all aspects work. We have worked hard, especially tactically and technically, but we are not there yet. All I saw already some improvements.”

“The mental problem, you can’t do much: you can these words and forms of organizing in which they should react, but the real test comes only when they are in the same situation. The mental aspect is also partially trainable but that is harder than the physical and technical aspect. We have worked on team morale. In individual sports such as tennis, should you only plan to draw, in a tamsport as the our, you have the advantage that you can help eachother and as a group nevertheless, it may come true. As men with something extra boys who have more difficulty can push you to achieve more. I hope of course that we are not in the problems will come, but there are always going to be moments that in the face of adversity and we will have to see if the group is able to take a step forward. A mental coach or pyscholog? I don’t think that you suddenly have to go intervene if there are problems. I think that’s always an added value – even if there are no problems – but we have indeed not yet working. In the future, there might still come of it.”

“An exceptional Club Brugge”

In december, with a 5-0 loss to Club Bruges and Charleroi with comb 1-3 win in Brussels that Anderlecht are already following 13 points of the leader and two points less than the Carolingians.

“Okay, in december, we have two one after the other lost to the teams above us were but we have in that month, however, also many points to get caught,” said Vanhaezebrouck. “And now we go into the remaining sequence of nine matches, as well as try to do. But we’re not going to focus on others, we are going to only look at ourselves. Our first target is now to have the team for it past us to cross and sure that they are behind us no closer, and then we’ll see. Must win in Genk? Yes, I want all nine to win games but if you are realistic, you know that 27 on the 27th of may will not happen. We live from match to match and do want to make progress on all fronts, and then we might go a step further at the beginning of the play-offs. And happy existence of the play-offs because otherwise was the champion, as in 8 out of 10 of the other leagues also already known…”

“Of course, also wants to Hein Vanhaezebrouck as all the analysts that we have Club Brugge and the fire feat. But I am realistic enough to know that’s not easy. As a Club on this momentum to continue, the margin even worse. It is, after all, long ago in Belgium a club so many points could address, its almost Spanish or German states… They already have 53 points, we 40. If we, after nine matches, 60 points, that is not so bad. However, it is mainly Club Brugge that a lot of points for grabs.”

“Two strikers, I’m content”

Provisionally got Vanhaezebrouck still no reinforcements, except Ganvoula who returned from KV Mechelen. He is however the only alternative for the with itself, struggling Teodorczyk.

“They are both fit, I’m already happy”, laughed QTY a bit of green. “They work both very hard, it is now up to us to work with them and make sure that they themselves find. No, with Ganvoula we have already two strikers, I’m content. That the competition already did business? Each club operates as they want to and can work, nothing can change. Of Kortrijk, I have the experience to with limited resources to work with, I make me there not more pressure. We are now once with this acquisition, it is up to this group to make it as good as possible to do.”

“It is a pity as Ferrera would leave”

Finally got Vanhaezebrouck also have a question about beloftencoach Emilio Ferrera, who could leave to be assistant to Michel Preud’homme at Bordeaux.

“I would be very sad to find if he would leave, he did good work and delivered on the promises. But I have little to say about it. I’ve been there with him, and already spoken about, and Emilio has his vision. With his experience as a head coach, he has still an added value for young people to lead for the first team. He knows the blows of the whip.”

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