Turkey to start military intervention on Syrian border

9611ca41d9f05e1f91a10b734f4ddac3 - Turkey to start military intervention on Syrian border

Turkey has threat of an offensive against Afrin in practice, says the Turkish defense minister Friday. That Northern Syrian city is controlled by Kurdish militia forces, which Ankara considered as ‘terrorists’.

Turkey threatens all days with an attack on the Syrian district of Afrin, which is controlled by the Syrian Kurdish militia YPG, an extension of the Turkish-Kurdish terreurbeweging PKK. The United States works closely with the YPG in the fight against the terrorist group.

Erdogan sent in the past days, additional troops and tanks to the border area, and according to the YPG the Turkish armed forces Thursday night about seventy shots fired on Kurdish villages in the region. A cameraman of news agency Reuters could filming how in the direction of Afrin was shot from the border city of Sugedigi.

“The military operation is started without that the border was crossed,” says the Turkish defense minister and deputy prime minister Nurettin Canikli. “All terrorist networks in the north of Syria must be disabled. There is no other possibility.’

The decision to use Afrin to fall, a small Kurdish enclave on the Turkish-Syrian border, does not fall from the sky. Turkey wants, whatever it may cost an autonomous Kurdish area on the border to avoid. In the district of Afrin live 17,000 people.

The Syrian government on Thursday warned that Turkish fighter planes will be shot down if they are Syrian territory bomb. “The Syrian anti-aircraft batteries has about all means,” said the Syrian deputy minister of Foreign Affairs Faisal Mekdad.

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