The netherlands doesn’t allow international adoptions for the time being not

21bdc01956380519ac60f1d82e5721f3 - The netherlands doesn't allow international adoptions for the time being not

The Dutch Second Chamber has decided to have a critical opinion about the international adoption not to follow. However, should the competent minister to better examine how the subject of abuses can be prevented.

Since the fifties, tens of thousands of adopted children found their way to Dutch parents. But there is too much in the wrong, find the Dutch Council of Strafrechtstoepassing and youth protection (RSJ), and twenty other organisations representing the interests of geadopteerden represent. And so sounded the end of 2016 all that but once done had to be with international adoptions. But the then competent state secretary Klaas Dijkhoff (VVD), explained that advice down beside her.

A few month later went to the Netherlands go to the polls, and a few month later, Cabinet-Rutte III is formed. In the meantime, however, various stories surfaced of abuses in adoptions. As demonstrated in the program Nieuwsuur in the summer of 2017 a report about what happened in the years 70 and 80 all went wrong at adoptions from Bangladesh, for example, children without the knowledge of their parents to the Netherlands were brought – and brought Zembla, a research programme of VARA, the so-called ‘babyfarms in Sri Lanka to the light, where the women were pregnant created to meet the demand for adoptive children to be able to meet.


At the end of december described Anouk Eigenraam, which is on its second from South Korea happened to the Netherlands, and in the meantime at NRC as a journalist to work, and her personal story. Also it was found that on a large scale, things go wrong in international adoption. Plenty of good reasons for the matter and the opinion of the RSJ again on the political agenda.

International adoption is in the competence of Minister for legal Protection, Justice and Safety Sander Dekker (VVD). The minister was on Thursday in the Second Room by CDA, D66 and PvdA to the test. The final conclusion remained, ultimately, that there is no prohibition comes to international adoptions, but Dekker promised, however, to find out how the Netherlands, the pressure can increase in the countries of origin for child welfare to improve, as well as how misunderstandings adoption can be prevented. Naarnaast promised Dekker in conversation et go with interest groups to examine how and where ‘afstandsmoeders’ put under pressure to waive their child.

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