The fuss is about ‘homo-erotic’ dansvideo in underwear, Russian-student-pilots

The students of the prestigious pilotenopleiding in the Russian Oeljanovsk themselves to be quite in a mess by a viral dansvideo in his underwear. ‘Unforgivable, this is gay-erotic-tinged video, react to the teachers. “It is just too hot in the classrooms’, throws a member of parliament.

The pilot school of the Russian city of Oeljanovsk, which is about 850 kilometres north-east of the capital Moscow is located, has through the years built up an excellent reputation. The places are sought after. Who wants to be admitted to the elite training, it must also have a good dose of stress and discipline.

Armed with underwear and pilotenpet

But even in a eliteschool the bow always taut, decided the current crop of student pilots. They took a video in the trappenhallen and corridors of the school building, which is to see how the students halfnaakt – only a pants, straps around the shoulders and the obligatory pilotenpet got a role in the clip on the song ‘Satisfaction’ dance of the Italian dj Benny Benassi. The evocative and quite incorrect movements, you must, as a viewer hit.

Since the students the result of their dance and hilarious found, they placed the video online on Vkontakte, the Russian variant of Facebook. Less than two days time the video has more than 2.5 million views and he was also on Youtube.

Investigation and sanctions

The onderbroekenlol of Russia’s future pilots lap, however, in the wrong throat when the leaders of the training. “This is no student prank, but a homo-erotic dansvideo that the reputation of our institution harms’, responded Pyotr Timofejev on the news site Meduza. ‘What a shame! For twenty years I work here, but this is unseen. And that pilotenpetten there engage: this is unforgivable.’

It is striking how the homophobic attitude of Russia in this kind of discussions emerge. The mayor of Oeljanovsk wants, for example, an ” in-depth investigation of the erotic, and possibly even homosexual characteristics of the images, and said during his communication on the incident invariably about ‘perpetrators’ instead of students. Also the director of the pilot school allowed in guarded terms to know that there is still a very big difference between ‘just erotic and homo-erotic’. ‘The manliness of our students is under fire by the nature of these movements,” she said.

The school has launched an investigation and is considering seriously to the stakeholders the access to the training to refuse”.

“It’s just hot’

Despite all the criticism on the video, especially in media that the Kremlin will be linked, the number of participants in the onlinepetitie to the students to save quick. More than 41.000 people have the petitieondertekend who claims to be a witch hunt on young people who want to entertain there is no need for is. “This movie is a joke that absolutely does not imply that these young people, their training, do not take it seriously”, sounds.

Also Russian parliamentarian Vladimir Zjirinovsky lap the young people to help, they called with special arguments. “It is just too hot in the classrooms,” he said. ‘It’s freezing outside and it is 25 degrees! Their outfit is tailored. I would actually even take it a step further want to go and danspauzes addition to the universities and schools. Let them move a bit in the hallways and in a choreography of mind that is healthy.”

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