Singapore rent ‘influencers’ in budget to promote

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The Ministry of Finance of Singapore has more than 50 so-called ‘influencers’ hired to be their budget for 2018 to promote. An attempt to get young Singaporeans to achieve.

Someone who is on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube…) a large number of followers, is now a ‘influencer’. Because so many people go to them looking up, ironing and they may be large sums of money on by smart contracts, where they with a heading for example clothing, jewelry, food or drink to promote.

Usually work ‘influencers’ together with major companies or reclamekantoren, but in Singapore, the government has now also bread seen. Since the end of last year are dozens of other ‘influencers’ suddenly, the Singaporean budget for 2018 to promote.

Kaiting Cheng, for example, has 21.800 followers on Instagram. On new year’s eve she called to them to be needs to make to the government to help with their budget’. A few days asked Tracy About her 31.400 followers ‘guess where I look? The website for the budget of 2018!’ According to App, the website is full of “fun facts” and information about how the government, Singaporeans will help.

A spokesman of the Ministry of Finance confirmed the collaboration with ‘influencers’ to the newspaper The Straits Times. The intention is to more than 225.000 young Singaporean Instagram users to achieve. Except that it is ‘in line with current prices’ was, wanted one, however, not lost how much the campaign cost.

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