‘Sexual abuse rife at United Nations’

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UN Security council

The United Nations have in the past, little to no action against unacceptable behaviour and sexual abuse. This is evident from a study of the British newspaper The Guardian with dozens of employees.

The research of The Guardian does not focus on the abuses of the UN peacekeepers during peacekeeping operations, but on sexual abuse within the buildings of the United Nations about the entire world.

From interviews with UN staff in more than ten countries reveals that the UN is not heavy-handed action against sexual abuse or rape. Dozens of witnesses speak of the immobilisation of unacceptable behaviour.

Fifteen interviewees indicated that they the last five years were confronted with sexually crossing behavior. That ranges from verbal abuse to rape. Seven of them were effectively a complaint. “If you do that, your career is over. Especially if you are a consultant”, said one of the women. The alleged perpetrators, including at least one senior employee, remained mostly outside shot. The ombudsman could say that change little because he was threatened by senior executives.

At the United Nations work worldwide, around 44,000 people. The secretary-general, Antonio Gutteres, has promised to this kind of abuse to address. The UN has a lawyer appointed for the victims, and there is a working group appointed to different measures.

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