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Series Jean-Claude Van Damme deleted on Amazon

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The comeback of the action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme has not yet been successful. Streaming service Amazon keep it for seen with its action/comedyserie Jean-Claude Van Johnson.

In August was the pilot of Jean-Claude Van Johnson so successful that Amazon is a whole series about a somewhat stale action movie, have seen it, but after five episodes, is the party already over. And while the trailer look so promising.

Louis C. K.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson seems to be the victim of a new direction that Amazon Prime wants to go. No small comedyseries more but large projects internationally need to save. At the same time, with Jean-Claude Van Johnson are also the comedyseries One Mississippi of the discredited comedian Louis C. K. and I love Dick with Kevin Bacon be repealed.

Fans hope that the series picked up will be through a different streaming service.

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