Premier New Zealand in expectation: “How much happiness do we have?’

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Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, has announced that she and her husband, Clarke Gayford, a baby expect. She is the second head of government in modern history who is pregnant during her period.

‘Clarke and I are very happy that our team in June, expanding from two to three, told the premier in a Facebookpost. The 37-year-old Jacinda Ardern is going to take six weeks maternity leave after the birth. During that period, deputy prime minister Winston Peters her responsibilities.

“I will be prime and mother,” said Ardern Friday during a press conference. “I’m not the first woman who multitaskt and I’m also not the first woman to work and a baby combines. I know that this is special circumstances, but many women have me this all occurred.’

Ardern stated that, since October know that she is pregnant. When she was negotiating for a minority government to form in New Zealand. ‘Like many couples do in the first phase, we have it for ourselves.”

Maternity leave or not?

On her very first day as president of the New Zealand Labour party, in early August, the 37-year-old Jacinda Ardern in a tv program that is already the question: can a prime minister actually did leave during her term of office?

The previous day she had in a different program and still politely answered that the choice between children and a career for her as difficult as for other women, but then exploded them. And they are not alone: the seksismedebat flared violently in New Zealand. With the for Ardern not sour the side-effect that its (inter)national reputation, the height inschoot.

Fish of the Day

The news is ubiquitous in the New Zealand press. That is possible because Clarke Gayford as well known as his wife. Clarke has his own tv program on fisheries, ‘Fish of the Day’. Therein he will go catch fish in the Pacific Ocean, this beautiful tourist destinations, and provides recipes for the fish caught.

For he with his own program started, there were Gayford fifteen years radio and tv presenter. He plays the media so at least as good as Ardern.

‘Significant moment’

According to local media, news is ” a significant moment for New Zealand. ‘Apparently, Ardern is just the second woman in the recent history that if government is pregnant. Only Pakistan’s Benazhir Butto went to her in 1990, ” analyzes Tim Watkin of Radio New Zealand.

“We have women and men that this country lead, and we have women and men who make choices”, said mp Jenny Shipley to the radio station. ‘How much luck do we have?’

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