Michael Douglas accused of sexual misconduct

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An American woman has Friday in the NBC program, Today told about how an actor “oscar” Italian Michael Douglas sexually in front of her would have to misbehave. The facts would have occurred when the woman worked for him in the 80’s.

“He own the king of the world, and he thought he could humiliate me without any consequences,” said journalist and writer Susan Braudy Friday morning. In the 80’s worked Braudy three years for the production company of Michael Douglas, and in that context, would the facts have occurred. According to Braudy used Douglas over the years, regularly sexually explicit language and ran it during a meeting at Douglas’ apartment in 1989 completely out of hand.

In Today on the American channel NBC, she describes how Douglas before her eyes began to satisfy. “He lay on the ground, put on his belt open and stuck both hands in his pants. “I could see quite clearly what he was doing: he was himself to feel. I was very scared.”

30 years of silence

In a panic, ran them to the outside. “I was terrified to be there against someone something to say about it,” recalls Braudy. The few friends they still trust took, recommended that her allegedly to bring about the events to be silent. In that silence she has after thirty years finally dare to break.

The now 73-year-old Douglas denied, in addition to stripscenarist Stan Lee and actor James Franco, last week that he had engaged in sexual misconduct. Remarkable: against Douglas was at that moment, the accusation expressed. Thursday showed a man’s lawyer in The Hollywood Reporter noted that such stories are ‘completely fabricated’ would be, and to press agency Reuters had its manager Friday ‘nothing to add’.

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