“Let’s build a bridge to Europe after the Brexit’

07076646f447747c854a83a390011fd7 - "Let's build a bridge to Europe after the Brexit’

The British minister of Foreign Affairs, Boris Johnson, has proposed a massive bridge to build between Britain and the European mainland.

Boris Johnson, a great supporter of Brexit, according to several British media, the French president, Emmanuel Macron said that it is actually a ‘bit ridiculous’ is that France and Great Britain is only connected by a railway line.

Johnson then proposed to have a huge bridge to build between the two countries, which is about 22 miles or 35 kilometers long would be. The answer of Macron? “I agree. Let’s do it (let’s do).’

The British minister has the idea of the bridge is not yet in the public pronounced, but including The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian are sure that there is a bridge spoken of. Boris Johnson alluded on Twitter to the proposal: ‘Our economic success depends on good infrastructure and good connections. Perhaps the channel tunnel is only a first step?’

According to The Daily Telegraph, it is not clear whether detailed talks took place between France and Great Britain. Johnson would be his employees have said that ‘the technology quickly advances and there in other places also have long bridges to be built’.

Johnson admitted in the past that he fan is of a second channel tunnel. Now he would therefore also believe that a bridge is possible.

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