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Keira Knightley: ‘Four times molested during night out in pub’

1ebdde52a2e9c3e9404dccf8df05669c - Keira Knightley: 'Four times molested during night out in pub'

Nothing but admiration Keira Knightley for the women who are on the foreground, in the #MeToo movement. The world-famous actress says in Variety to be happy that she will never be intimidated or molested in Hollywood. “But in the daily life, four times even,” says Knightley.

The 32-year-old Keira Knightley, who shone in films like The imitation game and Pirates of the Caribbean, kept himself so far aloof in the whole discussion around cross-border sexual behaviour on the set.

“Because I never have experienced during my work in Hollywood,” says the British actress, now in Variety. She has only ‘very good’ and ‘professional’ experiences with Harvey Weinstein. “He has made me sure never to get a massage, or so asked.’

“But in my personal life, is already happened,” says the actress. ‘I can certainly four times remember when I somehow or other am raped during a night out at the pub. Everyone has their own monsters, both actress, teachers and lawyers. They are groped or at the breasts grabbed by someone they don’t know. Sometimes it slips someone with his hand under their skirt. That’s not right.’

That Knightley much kostuumdrama’s on her cv are soon to see them in Colette, a biopic about French writer known for the novel Gigi) is no coincidence.

“I think the way women are presented in films set in the present, the play is often something disgusting. The female characters are almost always raped, ” says Knightley. Already notice an improvement. “I get more and more scripts opgestuud where women not only performed as a loving wife or girlfriend.’

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