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Interview with Wendy van Dijk Moordvrouw

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This coming Sunday begins the new season of Moordvrouw. And there is a lot of change. We spoke with Wendy van Dijk about the new series.

Sunday begins the seventh season of Moordvrouw. What can we expect?

“The story goes a whole new direction. The team has said goodbye to detective work and is a special force of the AIVD started. So we get orders from above, the AIVD. We no longer work for the police, but next to each other. The new one is so that we are with z ” n celebrate a company have started, and that the relations themselves are improved.”

Has the series changed?

“Yes, I think that is. The characters have matured. Normally, we had directly a boss above us, but now we are not really a supervisor. You can see themselves in the team, that’s for friction, because the borders and frames are gone. It is pretty crazy to operate.”

What happened with Dries van Zijverden (Ali Ben Horsting ed.)?

“He is now working for the AIVD and funneling commands to us. He must give permission or we will our weapons be able to use. He remains our client and sort of boss, but at a distance.”

Last season ended with a number of open endings. Go even further?

“No, not really. We’ve very long thought about it, but we have chosen one ongoing story this season. That made it very difficult to make the open ends. I also had a stalker, and that was not completed. But I also don’t know whether the hard viewer that well yet explicitly know.”

It is already the seventh season. It remains fun to do?

“Yes! And it remains a great honour to find that there are real Moordvrouw-fans. I find it especially nice that the audience is so wide. It is a kind of gezinsserie become, what I had not expected. I am often on the street, approached by children of eleven, twelve years. Therefore, I expect that they have The Voice Kids would start, but then they ask: “are you that actress from Moordvrouw?’ I think that’s a huge compliment.

Then you can for years.

“Well, it is always to wait because we are going in a new direction now. We now have once less television and we have still the patience to make each week to have to wait for a next episode? But on the other hand: Girl of pleasure has, of course, the super done. And Moordvrouw did it always very good, so hopefully that happens again now. But which warranty you have, of course, never.”

Do you think it is now more exciting than previous seasons?

“Yes, that is mainly because the natural world really has changed, and we ask that, of course, of the viewer. That they with you in the story want to switch, be caught and continue to watch. It is easier to get in at a whodunnit (detective, with the emphasis on the location of the offender, eds.), than an ongoing story.”

Moordvrouw is from Sunday, January 21st, every week, 20.00 at RTL 4

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