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In world title will get every Red-Devil-with some 690 000 euros

Although the Red Devils heavily to surrender on their premiums for the world cup 2018 in Russia, they will still almost as much earning as four years ago. A world title brings every Red Devil this summer-with some 690 000 euros gross, less than $ 14,000 less than four years ago.

That is remarkable, because at the end of August, an agreement was reached where the players sharply to surrender. Those negotiations dragged nearly two years and came under pressure from the football association, that the earlier agreed amounts are too high and irresponsible thought. In comparison to the quarterfinals at the world cup in Brazil kept the Red Devils more than what the Germans as world champion (300,000 euros per player).

Yet, the Devils did: globally by as much as 15 percent compared to the previous agreement. Only will the Fifa now a lot more prize money, making the amount about the same.

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