Icelandic police took a kilo of cocaine from the belly of disabled Belgian

The police of Iceland stated Friday its drugsvangst report of 2017. The most important find happened in the stomach of the Belgian smuggler, that a kilo of cocaine was hidden in his stomach.

On her Facebook page takes the police of Reykjavik with its drug seizures last year. All together, over 42 kilograms of drugs intercepted. The most at the airport of Reykjavik. The most spectacular catch was made by a disabled Belgian.


When the Belgians by the scanner had to, saw the customs officers, 106 white packets in his guts. Especially in the intestines and stomach. The Belgian is known later that he just take off the packages with cocaine had been ingested.

‘The technique to through the intestinal drugs into the country, to smuggling, is life-threatening, ” says the police of Iceland. ‘If one of those packets openscheurt, you can die. In October, someone tried with 42 swallowed packets of the country to hit. One packet and tore it open. The man lay three hours on the operating table. Eventually, he is saved.”

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