Harm from US on memo four pages of Justice

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Not only the fuss about the impending ‘shutdown’ in the USA Friday evening: Republican members of the committee on intelligence of the House of Representatives require that a four-page memo from the ministry of Justice is made public.

The memorandum was earlier this week made accessible for members of Congress. Allegedly gives the text to how the government of Barack Obama in the run-up to the presidential election of november 2016, ‘abuse’ has made a ‘dirt dossier ” to the FBI to be enabled. That had to be the comings and goings of the then presidential candidate Donald Trump and his campaign team consider compromising things to dig.

Fox News Journalist Sara Carter had the Thursday about ‘extensive abuse of the FISA law. Which Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act gives the NSA (National Security Agency) the power to ‘suspects’ to listen to. The ‘dirty dossier’ of which there is, according to the Republican representative Ron DeSantis an anti-Trumpdossier, based on non-verifiable facts, commissioned by the Democratic Party and the campaign team of Hillary Clinton.

Representative Scott Perry, also a Republican, pulled out Friday, heavy to the Obama administration. ‘You wonder, this happens in the US or is this the KGB (the secret service of the late Soviet Union, ed.)’, he said.

Friday was the hashtag #releasethememo (make the memo public) in any case millions of times and shared on twitter. The text is, however, not yet published. Or is the memo really as ‘explosive’ as some might hope or fear, is still very uncertain.

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