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Eagles reconcile itself with Hotel California

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The softrockband Eagles has a lawsuit against a hotel in Mexico amicably arranged. Reports that the British music magazine NME.

The hotel was wearing, according to the members of the group without authorisation, the name ‘Hotel California’, and also happens to be the title of the hit single that the Californian band in 1976 scored. The case was settled after the owners of the hotel in Todos Santos, in the state of Baja California Sur, declined their request to the name Hotel California in the US as a trademark.

The group around front man Don Henley had her complaint on may 1, filed in the court of the Central District of California. The hotel has eleven rooms and, it was in the complaint, ” encourages visitors to actively’ to believe that there is a tie between hotel and song.

Anyway, the hotel is not (more) Hotel California, but Todos Santos Hotel (Allerheiligenhotel). The hotel was called so at his opening, in 1950 – a quarter of a century for the softrockers the now dark grey dialed number submitted. After a Canadian couple of the building in 2001 it had bought, started the two, thus, according to The Eagles, the original name to be used for their marketing and merchandising.

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