Driving a car in public in Rio: baby killed, dozen injured

dce8ca56285d76bb50fdcb28103a80f8 - Driving a car in public in Rio: baby killed, dozen injured

A car is in a group of people drove on the famous Copacabana beach in the Brazilian Rio de Janeiro. A baby of eight months, would be killed, and a dozen people injured.

On a busy hiking trail along the famous beach of Copacabana in Rio is a car Thursday night around 20 pm local time in a group of people driven. A baby of eight months is death, and eleven and fifteen people were injured.

There are no indications that it is going to be a terrorist attack; the incident would be an accident, says the police. The driver would control on the steering wheel are lost.

The driver of the car fled after the accident road, but could soon be arrested. He stated that he was a epilepsieaanval and had in his car was medication for the treatment of epilepsy found. The man was identified as 41-year-old Antonio de Almeida Anquim. He is examined in the hospital.

According to witnesses, drove the car on a cycle path and the footpath, he became people, tables and chairs, and he came to a stop on the beach. The windshield of the black Hyundai was broken and the roof ingedeukt.

Local police officer Angelotti says that bystanders furiously responded. “We came in just in time to prevent the driver lynched would be.’ A witness confirms that story.

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