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Bölöni calls Club now to “the deserved champion”, Leko wants to “not be arrogant”

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Club Brugge beat this season, already the second in the standings with 5-1, number three with 5-0 and Saturday is the confrontation with number four on the program. Antwerp-coach Laszlo Bölöni realizes that he is up against the best team of Belgium plays. “It would be unjust if they will be no champion would be.”


21/01 14:30

Club Brugge

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Bölöni told at his press conference that he is the bekermatch of Club Brugge against Charleroi had not seen. But we do not believe. The Romanian trainer is in the preparation for a race so preoccupied with all the details that he match not to would pass away. But what is certain: Bölöni had that competition is not necessary for the great quality of the Club. “Club Brugge is by far the best team this season”, says the Romanian. “They have a big advantage which makes them the big favorite for the title. It would be a great injustice that they will be no champion would be. Because many of the play-offs, that is actually not fair, hey. Club deserves the title.”

The nerves are taut for the best of Sunday, especially in the Antwerp supporters. The coming of the great enemy has been for weeks the subject of discussion with the fans. “But I’m not a fan, I am a trainer. I understand that there is much to be done around this match, but the match against Club Bruges is perhaps the least important of the nine that us still remains.”

All this does not mean that Bölöni the three points just to grab throws. “Even though we are playing against Barcelona, if you want to win. But what is normal? When I say that we have a point would be pleased, then you call me a zwartkijker. I don’t want that. There is a contest and the first goal is always to be on the appointment. And the victory gives you the most satisfaction. But sometimes you also have to be realistic. But I’m not going to tell you that I will be satisfied with a point. No, we always start a race to win.”

Still no Rodrigues

Batubinsika and Arslanagic are as expected not ready to play, but also Ivo Rodrigues should default. “He has been advised to ten days longer to his recovery to work. He has two, three good training sessions done, but afterwards, he felt some inconvenience which makes it better is that he’s peaceful to do.” Jens Teunckens, goalkeeper who is hired, of Club Bruges, will not yet be in the selection. The three other newcomers – Nazaryna, Pitroipa and Habran – are eligible for selection.

Leko: “We may now not become arrogant”

“We deal with a lot of meaning to Antwerp,” says Ivan Leko, Club Brugge. “It is a team that on their way to the matches trying to win and do the same, otherwise they would not be on that fourth place. Antwerp plays in a different way than ours, but that is their right. Football is so interesting because there are so many ways to have a match to win. But we go out of our strength. If you are a winner, you must also be on the difficult journeys you qualities show.

“After Tuesday (in the league cup against Charleroi, red) I was a satisfied coach, how we play leans very close to what I want to achieve, but we should now not become arrogant. Work to keep getting better is the goal.”

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