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Aston Martin and Cosworth together as motorleverancier in the F1?

f51a0c28db51ade052578fa4148d0228 - Aston Martin and Cosworth together as motorleverancier in the F1?

Former F1 engine manufacturer Cosworth would possibly be a collaboration with Aston Martin want to establish that currently the title sponsor of the Red Bull F1 team.

Currently, the final touches are still being put to the motorreglement that from 2021 in the Formula 1 will apply. From then on, the engines are normally easier and cheaper to develop. The Formula 1 wants the sport more attractive for any new motorleveranciers and the cost of the motors button.

Cosworth, that in the past motorleverancier in the Formula 1, is already interested in a possible return to the king’s class of motorsport. There is still more, as possible when it comes to a collaboration with the legendary Aston Martin.

“We would like such cooperation,” said Cosworth-motorenbaas Bruce Wood, as opposed to ‘’. “We have many years of collaboration with Aston Martin and we are working very closely with Red Bull and the team to which hypercar Valkyrie works. There is also a certain logic behind them.

“Aston Martin has already clearly said that they want more than just their name stuck on someone else’s engine. They also do not have the ambition to own a F1-engine design. That just seem the puzzle pieces to fall into place and there are ongoing talks.”

“Aston Martin and Red Bull have a very strong relationship so there is definitely the desire to be together to do something.”

Despite the fact that 2021 is still a while removed, you begin not just starting from scratch an engine to build. If Cosworth and Aston Martin for a possible cooperation to set up than seems to 2021 to early day.

“We would be a lot of extra staff in the service should take, and our infrastructure would also be expanded. That in itself takes a year of work and then you have to be realistic and say that 2021 is likely to be asked and that it is rather something for 2022 would be,” says Wood. “It is maybe not what everyone would like but it is better than nothing at all.”

“We think it would be for any person, a great investment and it is also probably not realistic to, to get everything together by 2021. That does not mean that we abandon the idea. We simply need to think about how the 2022 would be likely to succeed.”

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