Amateurism, clanoorlogen and hysterical screaming

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Marine Le Pen got on 3 may 2017, a few hours before her ultimate and crucial debate with Emmanuel Macron for the French presidential elections, a hysterical panic attack. ‘Of course I was furious!’

Leaked documents, a testimony of a former employee and a new book paints a devastating picture of the campaign that Marine Le Pen is carried out for the French presidential election last year.

Everything …

Leaked documents, a testimony of a former employee and a new book paints a devastating picture of the campaign that Marine Le Pen is carried out for the French presidential election last year.

Everything was characterized by improvisation and ‘total amateurism’, as told Mickaël Ehrminger on the website Mediapart. Trips, meetings, conferences-everything, it was only at the last minute organized. The speeches were five minutes previously written, we had them at the last moment.”

Infofiches never geonsulteerd

Ehrminger was in 2011 employee of the party, and had, during the campaign of chips to help draw up the content with information to Le Pen to feed. Disappointed, he went in August the door behind him close. “We worked the whole day, we scanden the news to chips to make which are so pedagogical and easy to understand as possible, so that she could learn. But those chips were never consulted. We were disappointed and told each other that we are for nothing to work.”

Struggle between two clans

A lot of it was explained by the internal struggle between two clans that two opposite visions had on the program. The group around her right hand Florian Philippot put the emphasis on economic themes to the workers to win the battle against the euro to the sovereignty of France to recover. The old guard continued to insist on themes such as identity and islam.

“The contradictions were real between the old guard and the supporters of Philippot, who is the upper hand on the battlefield. The smallest pit could lead to a conflict that took off to Marine Le Pen, who intervened, had to come, ” says Ehrminger.

‘Macron damage’

Everything culminated in the run-up to the debate between Le Pen and Macron on 3 may, a few days before the decisive second round. Only the evening before, got the FN-headpiece an email sent to you with a strategy to her opponent to tackle.

In the document of three pages, that Buzzfeed got hold of the audience and made, got them from Damien Philippot of the council to fully on the offensive instead of the own program to defend.

‘We have nothing to lose, ” wrote the brother of Florian Philippot her. “The goal is not to add credibility to win. We can still not correct, and certainly not against him. Because he masters perfectly all the arguments of the system. We have the image of Macron damage to the voters to get them to remember – even if we lose there credibility.”

They had to try Macron so far that he began to enerveren and arrogant would ever happen.

Questions in intellectual abilities

The whole strategy failed. Macron made Le Pen even ridiculous when she pleaded to the French franc alongside the euro to exist and economic dossiers by each other haspelde. Coincidence? Not according to Ehrminger, who questions the intellectual abilities of Le Pen. It was not until around the afternoon of 3 may itself he got to say that the command to chips for the debate to prepare: “She was not aware of all of what we had made. We had previously chips are prepared, because we knew that they would need. But anyway, it was enough for 24 hours not to take and thinking about it.’

Scream of the stress

That led a few hours before the beginning of the debate to a hysterical panic attack at Le Pen, write the journalists Neila Latrous et Jean-Baptiste Marteau in their book ‘Le Tsunami’, which yesterday appeared. When Marteau in the afternoon Florian Philippot called on his cell phone, he did not know what he heard: “She was literally yelling at a few meters of the mobile phone of Florian Philippot… She lashed out at the lack of professionalism of her team, to the stupidity that they since that morning heard tell (by FN representatives on radio and tv, ed) and complained that they had to settle. A few hours before the debate I was stressed.’

‘That year,’ and new partijnaam

When Marteau Le Pen later contacted, she acknowledged that she ” of course, savage had been. All those with whom I was working were too late. Unacceptable. My chips? Also with a delay, only in the afternoon they were there!

The weak performance of Le Pen (“I have a rendez-vous with the French missed’, she acknowledged later), and its defeat significantly weakened its leadership and brought the party into a deep crisis. It came to a break with Florian Philippot, that his own movement founded. The weekly magazine Le Point noticed at the beginning of this year even an ‘existential crisis’ with Marine Le Pen.

Create yourself in the work of ‘that year’ by the FN, with a new name. On 10 and 11 march congresseert the party in Lille on that. She is the only candidate to put himself on follow.

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