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All Flemish radio stations in one app

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The VRT and media groups Medialaan and “media house” together, to all of their radio stations on the digital radio player ‘radio player Worldwide. The three partners want to put together a license with this universal internet radio player and app.

That has Flemish minister of Media Sven Gatz (Open VLD) Friday announced.

The cooperation between the Flemish media players should allow to digitally and through apps to all Flemish radio players to listen through the radio player Worldwide. That is a non-profit organization that was established by the BBC and the major commercial radio stations in Britain. In the meantime, the radio player is operational in ten countries and in Wallonia. There, the RTBF, with the commercial sector, a joint internet radio player.

Radio player Wordwide gives its partners full control over the data and possible income from online listening. So it shields the player’s partners against other players in the market. In addition, the radio broadcasters share the cost of to the listen online to further refresh.

The new digital listening

Minister Gatz: “If mediaminister I welcome this cooperation. Quite in line with the coalition agreement, the policy letters and the management agreement with the VRT encourages this initiative with the enhancement of our Flemish media ecosystem for which I am jealous. Moreover, the radio player, such as the switchover to DAB+ in the new digital listening.’

For each country, or region, should radio broadcasters who want to connect, to unite in a non-profit organization, then a license for radio player Worldwide. For Belgium, it is one license is divided in a Flemish and a Walloon sub.

The VRT (Radio 1, Radio 2, MNM, Studio Brussel and Klara), Brussel (with Qmusic and Joe), and “media house” (with Nostalgia) will be a cooperative company with limited liability (scrl / cvba) set up to connect with radio player Worldwide.

Later, the three parties also other Dutch radio stations join, so that there is an online radio player for the whole Flemish market.

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