A vote in the Senate, to decide on temporary financing and a potential ‘shutdown’

05463cec2ee543ab10ff4e465234d3f9 - A vote in the Senate, to decide on temporary financing and a potential ‘shutdown’

The U.s. House of Representatives last Thursday, a bill approved in a temporary funding of the federal state provides up to 16 February. The text was in the lower house of Congress, where the Republicans have a large majority, adopted with 230 votes against 197. In the Senate, where Republicans have only the narrowest possible majority, the law, however, does not have sufficient support to be able to count.

The law must be a so-called ‘government shutdown’. Just before christmas was also a temporary budget was approved, the federal agencies allowed to continue to operate until Friday, the 19th of January. An extension until the middle of February, Thursday, so the first hurdle in the House of Representatives, but the Senate must be Friday, right before the deadline to be midnight, yet to comment on the law.

In the house of lords threatens the text, however, to beaches. The Republicans have only 51 of the 100 seats, while 60 votes are needed to the bill to approve it. Since all three Republican senators announced that they oppose the package of measures will vote, should be at least twelve Democrats still thought have to change. The Democratic party argues, however, that they already had enough votes to get the text to plummet.

Democrats want to control for ‘Dreamers’

The Democrats are opposed to the law, because they in return for their support protective measures for hundreds of thousands of young ‘Dreamers’, who run the risk of deportation. President Donald Trump has decided the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) of his predecessor, Barack Obama to phasing out from march.

In 2017 were due to temporary financieringswetten all three ‘shutdowns’ avoided. The last time that the effective so far was in 2013, when the Republicans without success Obamacare tried to plummet.

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