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Why a chef is a television quiz present

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One sends in the spring of 2019, a new season of Two to the Sixth Power. After reports of unacceptable behaviour will be Bart De Pauw, the quiz is not more present. Jeroen Meus is taking over the reins. That raises a few questions.

Why is the VRT still with the production company of Bart De Pauw be working with?

When there this fall at the VRT few reports of misconduct by Bart De Pauw got to class, passed his …

Why is the VRT still with the production company of Bart De Pauw be working with?

When there this fall at the VRT few reports of misconduct by Bart De Pauw got to class, passed his contract as schermgezicht just. It was ready to be prolonged, but because of the notifications decided ceo Paul Lembrechts not to do that. The VRT brought in one motion also The Pauws zondagavondquiz Two to the sixth power of the screen.

That could, according to the VRT when, because the contract with The Pauws productiehuis Koeken Troef about Two to the sixth power them no uitzendverplichting imposed. As long as the VRT to pay for the non-televised episodes, there is no question of breach of contract.

How bitsig the communication about the departure of The Peacock this autumn, also went, the VRT has always said care to the employees of Pies Trump. There would be fifteen people. The broadcaster has, that cooperation never explicitly terminated. The intention of the VRT has always been to offer programs of Cakes Asset to continue to broadcast on the condition that The Peacock is not involved in the production.

Why just Two to the Sixth Power?

All the hoopla had the VRT is a new season of the zondagavondquiz ordered. That agreement is the broadcaster now just after. For the time being, the VRT no other programs are ordered from Cakes Plus. The production company makes this spring may still be a program with the brothers Boxy for Four.

What perhaps also plays a part, is that Two to the Sixth Power in the kijkcijfertabellen. The VRT-top looks the program does not like to slip through. On the Bd, it was feared that the program is on a competing station would pop up. There were rumours that Cakes Asset and Medialaan, the parent company of VTM, around the table were.

Why Jeroen Meus?

Although The Latest News today writes that Jeroen Meus the new season of the quiz will present which emphasizes the VRT that the contract with Meus has not yet been signed. The news has prematurely leaked, but now the word is made of, the odds are as good as non-existent that the broadcaster is still on course changes.

The very popular Jeroen Meus has for the One-top more to offer than just their daily cooking show to present. He proved it over the past few years, with Good people. But that humaninterestprogramma get will be no third season. It was looking forward to a new challenge for the man behind the routine.

“This is not a new idea,” agrees Olivier Goris, the network manager of One. ‘Two years ago, has Cakes Trump all suggested to him Two to the Sixth or a similar quiz, to allow them to present. Who is Jeroen Meus in Two to the Sixth see, can only conclude that he is that excellent. He himself is the quiz is attached to and has him in the fingers. In addition, we have with Good people seen how fast he picks up. Under the guidance of its artistic director Cat Steppe he quickly learned how he people to interview. For Two to the Sixth Power , you have no afgelikte presenter is needed. The quiz will only be in 2019 back – the pictures are not even planned. There is still plenty of time to test it, to train and to send.’

What with Bart De Pauw?

Bart De Pauw will be at the VRT for the time being not on the screen. There is the management strongly about. The VRT deleted an episode of the yet to broadcast One programme The collective memory in which Bart De Pauw occurred. The panelshow, presented by Kamal Kharmach, on the 27th of January on One of start. The episode with The Peacock as one of the panelists was last year in October, some weeks before the official collaboration was halted. Also The Pauws last fiction series It’s showtime is for an indefinite duration on the shelf. Meanwhile, a judicial investigation against The Peacock.

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