Turkey strengthens forces on Syrian border

9691ee91522fa1f0f5ab313edd20a56f - Turkey strengthens forces on Syrian border

Turkey has additional tanks to the frontier province Hatay sent. There is an offensive on the Syrian the cities of Afrin and Manbij on the lift. In one breath confirmed Turkey even his distrust of the US.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was Sunday already threatened‘, one day’ an offensive against the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia in Northern Syria. The Turkish national security council said Wednesday in its turn, that ‘Turkey is the formation of a corridor of terror, and the creation of a “terreurleger” near its limits will not be violated and that, in this context, the necessary measures will be taken’.

The Thursday to Hatay controlled tanks have the military deployed units more effective. According to Syrian and Turkish sources, there were Wednesday already ‘military activities’ and the Syrian Observatory for human Rights reported that the Turkish artillery on Thursday morning again, grenades have fired. The attack on targets in the vicinity of the border caused still only material damage.

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Turkey on Thursday repeated that it does not want the U.S. to intervene. ‘Otherwise our friendship over, ” said Erdogans top advisor Ilnur Çevik Wednesday already. The day after it left the Turkish minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu mean no ally want to see in the offensive in Northern Syria.

According to Ankara, the YPG, the Syrian wing of the outlawed Kurdish workers Party PKK in Turkey. Cavusoglu also that the united states ‘concrete steps’ takes to the cooperation with them to stop. America is supporting and arming the Kurdish YPG militia in Syria, after all, IS to fight.

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