Trump speaks chief of staff: ‘The wall is the wall’

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The American president Donald Trump is on Twitter commenced against some of the statements of his chief of staff, John Kelly. Who had the vision of Trump on the wall with the border of Mexico ‘uninformed’.

John Kelly, chief of staff of the Us president, on Wednesday declared that the ideas of Trump on immigration and the wall over the entire border with Mexico ‘definitely changed’ after briefings on the impact of the wall on migration. “An election is something else than to rule’, concluded Kelly. ‘It’s really hard.’

Nothing, says Trump Thursday morning on Twitter. ‘The Wall is the wall (the wall is the wall). My opinion has never changed or evolved since the first day.” According to the president was never intended to be effective a wall to build if there is already a natural separation, such as mountains or rivers.

During a meeting with lawmakers at the White House, said Kelly, also, that Mexico never for that wall would pay. Also denied Trump via Twitter. ‘There will be for the wall to be paid, directly or indirectly. Mexico has a ridiculous 71 billion dollar trade surplus to the United States. That 20 billion dollar wall is ‘peanuts’ compared to the profit that is Mexico in America gets, ” says the president.

According to Trump, the wall is still vital: “We need the wall for security in our country and ensure the massive import of drugs to hold back from Mexico, now the most dangerous country in the world.’ Trump is then also clear: if there is no wall, then there is no deal.

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