Trump extends ‘long-awaited Fake News Awards

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Donald Trump on Wednesday the winners of its so-called ‘long-Awaited 2017 Fake News Awards’ were announced. It was, however, not without a hitch: the link that the American president initially tweette, led to a non-existing web page.

Fall in the prices: CNN (4 times), The New York Times (2), ABC (1), TIME (1), The Washington Post (1) and Newsweek (1). With a total of ten messages – all of which have a link with Trump, they pick up the list. An eleventh price, it is impossible for all the stories around the Russian interference during the presidential elections of 2016. In the list all of these messages ‘the greatest fraud on the American people.”

After the list of the winners of the following ten achievements that Trump self-restricts. “While the media 90 percent of their time focusing on negative reports or false news, the president has achieved good results’, says the.

Also a Lot of GOOD NEWS’

Initially was the presentation of the Fake News Awards already for 9 January planned, but Trump suggested she forward to Wednesday (local time). He was also a lot of criticism to be processed by the initiative, even within his Republican party.

Shortly after the announcement of the winners gave the president on Twitter, however, also to know that in spite of a very corrupt and unfair coverage in the media’, but also ‘a lot of good reporters who I respect, “and that” there are a lot of GOOD NEWS is where the American people can be proud of’.

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