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‘Topdokters’, ‘Hotel Römantiek and seven new programs: this is the spring of FOUR

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The channel FOUR last Thursday, the tv guide of this spring is proposed. The viewers are treated to a new dramareeks and on the memoirs of the notorious criminal Danny Vanhamel. Also, programs such as Topdokters, Huizenjagers and Hotel Römantiek come back.

Karen makes a plate

Karen Damen was seventeen years in Q3. Everything was done for her and with the wildly popular girl group they achieved everything they could achieve. But on her 42nd wants them even more. They are going to finally for her big dream: to be a (solo)album.

The Four-program ‘Karen makes a plate’ follows Karen and her entourage for a year on her way to her first solo album.


In the fifth season of ‘Topdokters’ award eight new doctors us an insight into their exceptionally fascinating profession, that at the same time their life is. As a fixed value in the televisielandschap need the concept of the sequence hardly any introduction.

The new season offers a compelling, often touching look behind the scenes of an imaginative universe of eight doctors.

Hotel Römantiek

Large pink clouds pack together over the Portuguese coast. In the port floats the swan upon the rhythm of the fado. And behind the clouds the sun is shining. Thirteen bachelor men and as many single ladies check this spring at the ‘Hotel Römantiek’ looking for a new love.

Otto-Jan Ham, Frances Lefebure and Sven de Leijer take them by the hand on the journey of their lives. Because you’re never too old for the love of your life.

Lions ‘ den

Five lions go in search of a golden idea, an innovative spirit, or insane ambitions. Hundreds, both novice and seasoned, but also very passionate entrepreneurs get in ‘Lions ‘ den’ for three minutes, the time for their idea to submit to the most experienced and renowned business people of Flanders.

They will in turn decide whether they use their own money to invest in the proposed product or service. The rules are strict and Evy Gruyaert will as an experienced floor manager to make sure that these are followed.

Ghent West

After years of abuse comes Véronique Dockx after a failed attempt to murder her husband ended up in the prison of Ghent West. While the date of her trial is approaching, she is between two fires: two competing gangs control their lives, and try as quickly as possible Véronique incorporation. Véronique will find it difficult to her turn in this new, and for its threatening environment where lies, manipulation and blackmail are more the rule than the exception.

Ruth Becquart, Gilda De Bal, Evelien Bosmans, Charlotte Anne Bongaerts and Joke Devynck, but some well-known names that will be shown in the exciting gevangenisdrama.

Control Pedro

Pedro Elias is back with a new season of ‘Control ‘ Pedro’. Together with four known users surf on the wild waves of the world wide web. All clicking and swipend they go looking for the funniest internettips, special apps and indispensable instagramaccounts.

Bartel in the Wild

Bartel Van Riet leave 12 well-known Flemish people again taste the ultimate experience of nature , and draws with 6 duos and a backpack to unexplored areas. 72-hour survival in a piece of untouched nature. Luxeleven on hold. A small ration, no place to sleep, no suitcase with luxurious products. Back to basics so. Fire make. Wash with ice water. And you orientate in the endless landscape.


After a successful first season, ‘Huizenjagers’ all the way back. The concept remains unchanged: three passionate brokers open hunting in Flanders verleidelijkste real estate and the title of best broker. Each week, three huizenjagers see what they have in their march and they in the same region in search of the dream home for their customers.


Danny Vanhamel, topgangster in the eighties, in 1994 sentenced to life imprisonment for the kidnapping of eleven year-old Anthony De Clerck. In 2004 he was early quite, he swears the crime and he builds a new life. But at the beginning of last year destroyed a massive fire, probably kindled, his villa in Lummen.

In ‘Ex-Gangster’ look Danny back on his life as a bad boy, on the robbery of the Securitas cash circulation, the kidnapping, the trial and his punishment. The program provides a unique look at one of the blackest periods for the judiciary and police in Belgian history, and seeks to answer the asked how someone in the crime ends up and whether or not you ever again from being hit.

Sports Late Night

FOUR stays the whole football season, by ensuring hard sportafspraken in the weekend. On Friday and Saturday brings Sports Late Night report of all matches and all goals from the Jupiler Pro League.

Later this spring, there is a place for Gert Late Night, a new season of The Mole, Eat, Grillmasters, Pieces of People, The Boxy s , and ’t Is Done.

Also the new program Nieuwsjagers get a place. It is the daily hunt for news on the editorial staff of The Newspaper followed.

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