The netherlands made the ‘wrong choice flu vaccine.’

755e4528e5e6b33ae829a93cacfdcbb1 - The netherlands made the ‘wrong choice flu vaccine.’

The flu vaccination in the Netherlands has a deficit. That is the headline in the Algemeen Dagblad on Thursday. “We have unfortunately made the wrong choice made for the cocktailprik’, says professor Ron Fouchier of the Erasmus Medical Centre.

More than 15,000 Dutch people went last week with griepklachten to the doctor. The flu epidemic is already five weeks working with our northern neighbours, according to figures from the health institution did, Nivel, and is not yet over. ‘The epidemic is still about seven to nine weeks in duration.’

According to professor Ron Fouchier of Erasmus MC there is a logical explanation for the peak in the number of flu cases: the griepvariant that thousands of people in bed, not in the most popular flu vaccine. “We have the wrong choice is made,” says Fouchier.

The most commonly used vaccine consists of a cocktail of three flu viruses. Any viruses in that cocktail be recorded, is sent by the world health organization (WHO). Who will decide in march which variations the next flu season the strongest will be present. That prediction is accurate, but not perfect. This year is just the fourth variant which is firmly on the loose in the Netherlands.

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