Selfie reveals woman girlfriend killed

6e9dcaf285e361d0b17ddd06a48169da - Selfie reveals woman girlfriend killed

A Canadian woman is sentenced for killing her friend after the police to the murder weapon on a selfie of the two had discovered.

The 21-year-old Cheyenne Rose Antoine pleaded guilty to the killing of Brittney Gargol in march 2015. The victim was 18 years of age. Her body was found near a landfill in the Canadian city of Saskatoon.

Cheyenne Rose Antoine was a suspect in the crosshairs because they are a few hours before the death of her friend, a selfie on Facebook had posted. Then she wore the belt that is next to the body is found and that Gargol could have been strangled.

The detectives reconstructed a timeline by an analysis of their facebook profiles. It tried to Antoine the police first have to be fooled by via Facebook to ask where Brittney was, hours after her death. They told the researchers that Gargol in a café, and an unknown man had met and with him was gone.

Eventually she confessed to a friend that she and her friend had killed. Now she says that they are both drunk and high were when they were arguing got. She accepts that her friend has killed himself, although she had said nothing more reminds of the facts.

“I will myself, never forgive’, let them through her lawyer know. “I very much regret. It had not be allowed to happen.’

The 21-year-old woman seven years in prison for manslaughter.

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