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Questionable Russian art to lab

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There is a laboratory investigation of some paintings from the collection Toporovski. That is part of the research that an expert commission will do to the authenticity of 26 loans in the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent.

The initiative comes at the request of the minister of culture Sven Gatz (Open VLD). He wants that there is clarity about the matter. ‘Given the debate about the authenticity of large proportions, it seems to us advisable to fast for clarity.’

Monday published The Standard an open letter in which ten international specialists, the 26 loans in the museum’s ‘highly questionable’ called. It comes to the paintings of Malevich, Kandinsky, Gontcharova, Larionov, Exter, El Lissitzky.

Gatz, the city of Ghent and the museum of Fine Arts have agreed that a commission of experts. These specialists will be the works screening on their authenticity. So far, there are doubts about the authenticity of the work, but there is no evidence that they are false.

The owners, Igor and Olga Toporovski, are in agreement with these additional studies ” from great respect for the three parties’. They agree to have their certificates and documentation available. They are also prepared paintings and objects from the exhibition to be subject to a technical examination in the lab.

The funds for that lab research can be made available by the minister Gatz. About how much and what work it must have been.

The 26 works of art remain until further order in the halls of the museum.

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