Number of deaths from terrorism has dropped sharply

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The number of people killed in terrorist attacks in Syria and Iraq, last year sharply declined. According to a Thursday report published by the terrorismecentrum Jane (JTIC), based in London. Also globally fell less terreurdoden.

In 2017 fell according to the JTIC in total 3.378 killed in terrorist attacks in Iraq. It comes to a decrease of 60 percent compared to the previous year, when there was 8.437 casualties. Also in Syria there is a significant decrease of 44 per cent, of 6.477 in 2016 to 3.641 last year.

Although the terrorism in both countries, so declined sharply, they continue to be outliers. For comparison: in 2017 fell 2.999 deaths due to terrorism in Afghanistan, 1.466 in Somalia and eur1, 092 in Yemen.

The figures do not take into account the fighters in Syria are killed and also the victims that are made by air raids – carried out by the Syrian government, Russia or the international coalition led by the United States, of which Belgium is a member – shall be disregarded.

Attacks are weaker

Although the terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) in 2017 a lot of territory has lost, she is, according to the JTIC still the most active terrorist group in the world in the number of performed attacks. IS was last year responsible for 6.499 fatalities, a decrease of 40 percent compared to the previous year, while the number of attacks by the organization with a 9 percent increased to 4.612. Due to the increasing international pressure, HAS now ‘operations with a weaker intensity, but at a more constant rhythm’ is the.

Also in rest of the world

According to the JTIC is the declining trend in the number of terrorist deaths globally seen to notice. Worldwide died last year 18.475 killed in attacks, while that in 2016 still 27.697 were.

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