North and South Korea under one flag in opening winter Olympics

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Noord- en Zuid-Korea onder één vlag bij opening Winterspelen

During the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics in the South Korean Pyeongchang will be the North and South Korean delegations together to march under one flag. That made the ministry of Unification in Seoul known.

Last week it became known that North Korea athletes sends to the Winter games in South Korea. Who will be on the opening ceremony under one flag with the neighbors parading, says the now. Officials from both countries took these decisions during a working meeting in Panmunjom, a border village where the cease-fire is signed in the demilitarized zone (DMZ), which the peninsula divides.

In addition, both koreas agreed to a joint female team for the ice hockey.

The announcement that North Korea athletes would send, was followed by many hoeraberichten, but the Japanese minister of Internal Affairs has warned that the world is not blind staring at the approach. ‘To be honest, I think that this image is much too naive, ” he thinks. “I believe that North Korea simply wants to buy in order to continue working on their nuclear arsenal.’

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