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Nico Rosberg hopes friendship with Lewis Hamilton to recover

5fd8dff479add5f26b0022d33a64be14 - Nico Rosberg hopes friendship with Lewis Hamilton to recover

During a vragenrondje with fans on twitter has former F1 pilot Nico Rosberg, the world champion of 2016, indicated that he would like the bond of friendship with Lewis Hamilton again wants to improve.

“Look, we were once very good friends, and I still have huge respect for him and that I will always have,” said Rosberg. “On the private plane, he is really a good guest. For the cameras and those big F1-world, you will be differently perceived than when you find yourself in a private environment. Private is he really a good guy with good values.”

“I hope, therefore, that we on a certain day better with getting along will be able to go.”

The intense rivalry as they are teammates were in the Mercedes was, of course, on the basis of the acidification of the vriendschapsrelatie between Hamilton and Rosberg. At the same time made the Championship his world title in 2016 to say very special.

“Such a battle, it is not better than that. When you are racing against one of the best riders ever, and that in the same car … great,” says Rosberg back. “

“To him then to beat, better than that is impossible and that is why I am so much satisfaction during my career. I could not have a better way to end, and also the opponent has a serious contribution.”

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