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Mountains book first win in second round FIBA Europe Cup

Mountains Wednesday, his first victory is recorded in the second round of the FIBA Europe Cup basketball. It won on the third match day with a 84-65 (rest: 50-29) of the Dutch Donar Groningen.

Tre Demps and Garlon Green also achieved respectively 24 and 22 points for the team of Daniel Goethals.

In group L lost Mountains on the first day, with 89-72 in the Cypriot Keravnos. This was followed by an 81-85 defeat against the Romanian Cluj-Napoca, that earlier in the evening with 67-71 won with Keravnos. Next week Wednesday will receive Mountains Keravnos. After three days counting Mountains and Keravnos one victory, Cluj-Napoca and Groningen are in the lead after won two parties.

The first two teams of each group qualify for the eighth finals, where they have the numbers five and six from the Champions League groups take.

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