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‘Modern Family stops”

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The popular American tv series Modern Family is going to stop. After ten season to attract the makers of the plug from the comedy.

The creators and producers Christopher Lloyd and Steve Levitan report at The Hollywood Reporter to want to stop at the peak. “Never say never, but I can not imagine that we go beyond ten seasons.”


The comedy is currently working on the ninth season and is the longest-running comedy on television channel ABC. Recently, the 200th episode broadcast on the channel. The series of three large families, one large family form, began in 2009 and since then has been a big hit. Though the ratings back. Where the series in 2012, but 15 million viewers, drew, is the average now 6 million.


The creators have, after ten seasons have seen, but that is not the case for the actors. Sarah Hyland (Haley Dunphy) said earlier: “I’m a Modern Family never sat, it has the best cast in the world. I know that there is spoken about the future of the series, but I can’t live without proposals.” She was now but to begin with.

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