Members of the advisory board for national parks steps out of dissatisfaction with Trump

In the United States, nine of the twelve members of the advisory council for national parks (National Park System Advisory Board) left out of dissatisfaction with the policies of the government of president Donald Trump. That report several Us media. The members find that they are no longer able to include historical sites and nature reserves to protect.

The chairman of the advisory board, Tony Knowles, the former Democratic governor of Alaska, announced his resignation and that of eight other members in a letter to minister of Internal Affairs, and Ryan Zinke. They are furious that pay no attention to the protection of historical sites and nature reserves. The advisory board, which annually at least twice together, has, since the tenure of Trump no longer met.

No meeting

In the first year of his term refused Zinke also invariably to the advisory board to meet, says Knowes, while other governments immediately a meeting arranged. “Our requests for discussion were ignored and the things about which we, the new team at the ministry wanted a briefing, are clearly not on his agenda, according to the letter. “I am deeply concerned that the mission of stewardship, protection and promotion of our national parks to the side is pushed.’

Knowles wondered why the council has not been consulted by the governmental decision to the admission prices to increase, and a ban on plastic bottles to undo.

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