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Love ostend opportunities cool in Champions League basketball after collective performance against Nanterre

Oostende has Wednesday with 73-60 win of the French Nanterre 92 on the eleventh match day of the Champions League of basketball. With an impressive collective performance took Ostend, the size of Nanterre, which immediately co-leader is in this homogenous group. The defensive strong Gjergja-boys keep their kwalificatiekansen cool.

Immediately proven the French driepuntkracht. With five early bombs led Nanterre to 12-17. The visitors controlled the second quarter and went with 31-37-figures to the locker room.

In the third quarter be a beautiful Salumu (23 points to 84 %, 3 rebounds and 3 assists) with a tweepunter and a duo bombs immediately the right direction. Mihailovic, Kesteloot and Lasisi produced also nice. That resulted in a solid 22-2-opener after 5’47”, and so a 53-39-intermediate. During the next attack of Nanterre landed Mihailovic bad on his left foot. Schwartz took his place. Wilson milderde of 55-40 to 58-48. Schwartz and Myers won 65-48 and 71-50 the ultimate French hope to smithereens.

A very solid performance from the Belgian recordkampioenen. At the beginning of november went to Ostend still supping with 75-74 down at Nanterre.

In group D counts Ostend now five victories against six defeats. It shares the fourth place with the Italian Avellino. Next week Tuesday is the kustploeg on a visit to the Polish club Zielona Gora. The first four teams of each pool by thrusting to the play-offs. The numbers five and six get a ticket for the eighth-finals of the FIBA Europe Cup.

OOSTENDE: (26 to 50 11 to 21 triples, 10 to 13 vrijworpen, 18 errors) SALUMU 9-14, KESTELOOT 0-5, JEKIRI 6-0, FIELER 3-0, MIHAILOVIC 5-5, Lasisi 0-7, Schwartz 0-7, Mwema 4-0, Myers 0-4, Kuridza 4-0.

NANTERRE:(22 to 60 9 to 28 triples, 7 to 14 vrijworpen, 16 errors) PETTEWAY 14-5, AMINU 2-2, SHULER 4-0, SCHAFFARTZIK 9-0, INVERNIZZI 6-3, Tchouaffe 0-0, Hesson 2-2, Wilson 0-5, Ducteil 0-0.

QUARTZ: 18-19, 13-18, 27-11, 15-12.

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