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Jeroen Meus is presenter, ” Two to the sixth power.”

6d4ac03e5904de69b1baa9e98ef721d3 - Jeroen Meus is presenter, " Two to the sixth power."

Jeroen Meus will Bart De Pauw was replaced as presenter of the One-quiz ” Two to the sixth power.” This confirms the VRT Thursday.

The zondagavondquiz ” Two to the sixth power’, often the best viewed programme of the weekend, was the beginning of november of last year by the VRT cancelled after presenter Bart De Pauw by some women was accused of unacceptable behaviour and sexual harassment. Four episodes that were already recorded, were not broadcast.

But the quiz is back, and with tv-chef Jeroen Meus as a new presenter. It is the first time that the Meus have a quiz presents, but completely unknown, he is not “Two to the sixth power” – he was already a participant. In addition, do you know him, perhaps, of programs like ‘Everyday’ and ‘Good people’.

The VRT will also be the collaboration with productiehuis Koeken Troef! review. “We are open for dialogue […] to come to a constructive solution for productions,” says communications manager Bob Vermeir.

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