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Jeroen Meus: ‘First, see if I can do it’

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Jeroen Meus has at Studio Brussels reacted to the news that he may Bart De Pauw will be replaced as the host of the One-quiz ” Two to the sixth power.” “I’m in a bit of speed to get caught. When the newspapers in the bus fell, I was actually still thinking. I have not yet said yes, but I’m very excited’.

‘It might be possible, that I that quiz go present, that is still not 100 percent sure, ” says Meus Eve, The Roo and Vincent Byloo on Studio Brussel. “I would really like to have that program continues to exist. Because of the love affair with the friends of Koekentroef and the program.”

Thus, it is not yet in the bag that the tv chef now quizmaster. “I’m in a bit of speed to get caught. When the newspapers in the bus fell, I was actually still thinking. It is a bit early, but where there is smoke, there is fire, I am asked, but I have not yet said yes. I am very excited. But at the same time also anxious, then I want it again, and then again not.’

Meus is not sure that he’s perfect for the job, so he tells, is actually quite ‘clumsy’. “You know what I want to do? I want to test, so a couple of times. To see if I can do it. If I can’t, I do not.” And how do you become a quizmaster? “There is no study ‘presenter’, but I will be well coached, in my organization, there are talented people that can help me. I’m going to definitely appeal to do.”

At least a year to wait

When the moment comes, the viewer will certainly have to wait. ‘It is in any case a year of waiting, by the spring of 2019. Against the second season will be ordered.’

Jeroen Meus is not a total unknown for the program. Previously, he was a fixed panelist, however, this is his debut as a presenter of a tv quiz. Meus is mainly known as a tv chef of ‘Daily living’ and the award-winning reportagereeks ‘Good People’.

Extremely popular

The quiz was in terms of popularity a shot in the rose, often this was the best viewed programme of the weekend. The zondagsquiz was in november repealed after Bart de Pauw discredited. He was by several women accused of serious misconduct. Four episodes already recorded, were not broadcast.

The door for contacts with the production company of The Peacock was still ajar. Now has the VRT, so decided to re-do a season of ‘Two to the sixth power’ to set in motion, but without The Peacock, and possibly with Meus.

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