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Interview with Bart Veldkamp about Other Times Sports

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Other times sport is traveling with Bart Veldkamp to Albertville, where he in 1992 the olympic 10 km won. Five questions for Bart Veldkamp.

What we see in the documentary?
“We have the journey that I at the time with the car made of the training camp in Davos to Albertville, now, twenty-five years later, repeated. We look back on the entire process, from the preparation in Davos. In Davos, I am then often been, but it was funny to go back to a time in Albertville. Where she of the ice-skating rink, a football and atletiekstadion have made.”

The Hague Gang of which you are part is also addressed in the documentary?
“Yes, the story is also a little bit about those three young guys from The Hague who is suddenly in the kernploeg came and just a little bit of the service were: Thomas Bos, Ben van der Burg and me. Our admiration for Eric Heiden, who in our youth was master and lord, is also discussed. Heiden won in Lake Placid in 1980 at all five distances olympic gold. For us he was a demigod, with his totally new way of training.

What is your best memory of Albertville?
“The moment that I after two laps already realized: I’m here to win gold. I was after the big contenders, this was an advantage. After all these years you know exactly how good it feels and how ‘heavy’ feel and how ‘bad’ it feels. Through all your experience you know just: this is going to be a good race. If that happens in the Olympics, then everything will fall in place. In the 23 rounds yet to come, you can only have on your mouth. But do you think, of course not.”

You’re after your own skating career to serve in other fronts have been active in the schaatswereld, as a coach, he signed up and the consultant. Since two years, not more. Do you miss it?
“No. I love to see skating, but I do not miss it. I have been in that world so much done and so many years traveled also. At a certain moment it was for me, not challenging.”

Bart’s Bar is your new challenge, the voedingsreep that you have developed with your mother who is a nutritionist. When it is on the market?
“Three months ago, that was the plan. But he is not there yet. I is in the midst of all the calamities you can think of with a start-up. We are now busy with the adjustment of the machines, and this year he will be on the market.”

Other times, sports, Sunday – NPO 1 – NTR • 22.15

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