Former CIA agent arrested in New York

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A former CIA agent is on Monday arrested at the airport John F. Kennedy in New York. He would illegally be in possession of a notebook with secret information, reports the U.s. department of Justice.

A former agent of the CIA, Jerry Chung Shing Lee (53), is arrested. The man is suspected to be responsible for the fall of an American spy network in China. Between 2010 and 2012 were more than the twelve spies were killed or locked up in Chinese prisons. The leak is according to the New York Times one of the biggest setbacks for the CIA since the end of the Cold War.

Various government departments suspected for 2012 that the Chinese government, the communication channels of the CIA had been hacked, and the identity of the informants could figure out. Eventually, the FBI through a research to know that there are probably ‘a mole’ within the CIA.

The arrested man, who has spent several years in hong Kong resident, are suspected to be the mole and therefore the names directed at the Chinese authorities.

Six years ago, in 2012, they FBI agents to his hotel room during visits to Virginia, and Hawaii. They found notebooks with handwritten information with the identities and numbers of American undercover agents and CIA employees. It is unclear why Lee is not in 2012, was arrested.

Lee grew up in the United States and served in the army before joining the CIA went to work. The man worked from 1994 to 2007 for the intelligence service in not known territories. He appeared Tuesday before the federal court and will soon have to appear in a court in Northern Virginia, where the CIA is based.

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