Code red in the Netherlands: at least two dead

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No trains, no planes, no trams, no buses, no ferries, closed highways, omgewaaide trees, omgeblazen trucks and for millions of euro’s damage. In the Netherlands, caused the storm to a lot of inconvenience.

In different provinces in the Netherlands were Thursday gusts observed up to 130 kilometers per hour, in some cases even up to 140 kilometers per hour. There was a code red in effect.

The wind above the North sea has now been taken down, but on land, a storm is raging on, says the KNMI. At 15.00 hours there was code red and orange withdrawn. The next few hours is still in code yellow.

Two fatalities

In the Netherlands there are already at least two people were killed by the storm. Near Olst is a 62-year-old man from Zwolle, died after he thick branch on got. The man got out of his truck to a branch on the road to move, but was then through another branch falls, mortally wounded.

When a second victim, a tree fell down directly on the car. A 62-year-old Enschedeër was this fatal hit. As possible, there was also a third victim. The police reported that a man by a plexiglasconstructie is cases. Whether this is as a result of heavy blows, is still unclear.

The Dutch 112-central processed morning more than 1,000 phone calls per quarter. There were 180 available lines and 38 centrists who reports assumptions. On a normal morning there are 8, reports the police on Twitter.

Wind force 11

The heaviest gust of Thursday was 143 miles per hour at the hook of Holland. There was of force 11, and it differed not much or it was wind force 12, a hurricane. Also at IJmuiden wind power was 11 measured. At De Bilt was blowing a squall of 122 kilometers per hour, the heaviest gust since 1990.

By the heavy gusts of wind, there were many accidents with trucks. ‘More than thirty overturned trucks we have counted’, says the traffic centre of the ANWB to the General Newspaper. ‘Are all empty. Then the wind scoops. The drivers know the dangers, but they take the gamble.’

The wind also has cyclists of dikes blown out, inter alia, along the Maas in Ammerzoden. Except a wet suit walked down the cyclists for no known injuries.

Students are not required to colleges, zoos closed their doors. Roof tiles blew about the streets, and at Gouda collided with a train at a trampoline on the track.


Due to the storm, the NS since 11.00 am the trains shut down. Also, many regional trains do not. It is not known how long that will take. According to the railway infrastructure manager ProRail is the extent of the damage, and consequently also the duration of the repairs, only clearly as the storm subsides.

At Schiphol airport is the air traffic is very limited. The airport decided around 11: 15 a.m. the air traffic halt, and according to a spokesperson continues to do this for incoming flights certainly apply until noon. Occasionally leaves a plane. Until now are worth 260 flights cancelled. It is mainly for flights to European destinations.

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