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Coach Goffin played after early elimination: “This is a firm tap, we have no explanation for this”

29ffacf6a260837ea5ba57c1835b7643 - Coach Goffin played after early elimination: “This is a firm tap, we have no explanation for this”

David Goffin was his status as a schaduwfavoriet at the Australian Open not deliver. The number 7 on the plaatsingslijst was killed Thursday in the second round against French veteran Julien Benneteau. Goffins coach, Thierry Van Cleemput was looking after the surprising defeat to a statement.

“This is a nice touch, I had not seen it coming,” he explained after the loss of his poulain against the number 59 of the world. “I had the contrary, he expects a good contest would play. It started by the way good (6-1, red). David did everything as he had to do. He played quickly, his storage turned. Then tilted the match during a opslagspel which Julien some very fast balls hit. What happened after that, because I honestly have no explanation for. I’ve been with David still about the contest spoken. What is certain, is that it is no longer the same, David was on the court after that first set.”

The 27-year-old Goffin, and the 36-year-old Benneteau had their party Thursday in Melbourne under a leaden heat finishing. “But I don’t think the heat was,” says Van Cleemput. “David has, incidentally, said that he was still a fifth set had to play. But he was not able to succeed to produce it. I find it annoying that I have no explanation for it, but really worried I am not. Raonic has lost, Pouille has lost, Sock, Dimitrov has almost lost, Tsonga also. We have a comprehensive programme drawn up, with the Hopman Cup, with the pressure off and he played very well. This was not to predict but we have not been so quick with such conditions face. David is not a machine. I’ve often said that David is 100 percent. If there are small things that are less rafts, is a different story.”

“But we leave here now, no drama of making”, emphasises Goffins coach. “This is just one grandslam. You should take the time to calmly analyze, and then as quickly as possible.”

Goffin want to defeat not to heat, to devote, read his response here.

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