Chief of staff Trump calls promises migration ‘uninformed’

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John Kelly, chief of staff of the Us president, has several of Trumps promises on migration, such as a wall across the entire border with Mexico, ‘uninformed’. That writes the Washington Post Wednesday night on his site. ‘Elections are different than reign, ” says Kelly.

One of Trumps main promises was the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico to as migration, and Mexico for that wall would pay. A few days back still repeated Trump that that would happen, ‘indirectly through the free trade agreement Nafta’. The construction would be billions of dollars in costs.

A concrete wall from coast to coast is definitely not, says Kelly. The American government wants is a physical barrier in many places, over a total length of 1.100 km. In total, the border is more than 3,000 km long.

“An election is something else than to rule”, concludes Kelly. ‘It’s really hard.’ The chief of staff would be the statements made during a meeting with lawmakers in the White House. During the meeting, said Kelly, also, that Mexico never for that wall would pay.

In the near of San Diego (California) in the meantime, however, all eight prototypes for a wall: some are from metal, others from concrete.

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